Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a Movers and Packers Service

While selecting a movers and packers in Noida, most people worry about getting their things transported to the destination, without any scratch or damage at an affordable rate. Finding the perfect combination between cost and service is a daunting task and requires a good deal of research work. Before finalising any service provider, it is important to ask certain basic questions to make sure you get the maximum value for your money and don’t get duped in the process.

Licensed Company:

In a bid to save cost, some of us fall prey to offers made by freelancing companies and businesses not having proper registration or documents. Always opt for companies with proper trade license and permissions. It would ensure safety of your goods and timely delivery at the destination.

Ask For Reference from Previous Customers

Ask for past reference of companies or individuals who have hired their services and talk to them personally. Do not go solely by testimonials that you read on the website. Agenuine company would never shy away from sharing the numbers of their previous customers.

Rates for Moving and Packing

You should never settle for any packers and movers Noida without consulting the rates and services of three different vendors. Once you have finalised the vendor, make sure you get an itemised rate chart for different types of process like handling, packing and moving.

Hidden Costs

Hidden cost is a major issue with many movers and packers in Noida. Before you sign the deal, make sure you are absolutely clear about how much money you would be required to pay in total including all tax and fees. Sometimes companies do not disclose service tax and other additional charge before the deal is signed.

Insurance Cost
Transportation insurance is very important, if you are transporting over long distances. Road conditions in India are quite bad and drivers are notoriously known for rash driving. To cover any loss during transit, make sure you get a good insurance cover. However, before purchasing the insurance, make sure you understand the terms and have a clear idea about the inclusion and exclusion terms of the insurance company

Local vs. Long distance Shifting

Each shifting company have their own range or work. While some may offer services over long distances, while local transportation requires much lesser infrastructure. Choose you company wisely and make sure you don’t end up paying extra for a small distance move.

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